Comanche Crossing Historical Society & Museum

…where the first continuous chain of rails from
the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
was joined August 15, 1870.

Listed in the
National Register of Historic Places

The Comanche Crossing Museum sits on 2½ acres of landscaped grounds, including historic buildings filled with period artifacts, outdoor displays, and a collection of over 8,000 items. iq option

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June 1st through August 31st
Building tours daily 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Grounds open dawn to dusk

Celebrate the Joining of the East and West!

On August 15, 1870, the last 10¼ miles of track were laid by two crews, one working from the east and one from the west in a record-breaking nine hours.

Fifteen months earlier, the golden spike ceremony had been held in Utah, to note the joining by rail of the eastern United States with the west. But the tracks joined at Promontory Summit connected only Omaha and Sacramento in a continuous chain. With the completion of the rails at Strasburg it became possible, at last, to board a train in New York and travel all the way to San Francisco by rail.

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Visit Our Museum in Strasburg, Colorado - East of Denver

Strasburg is a friendly, full-service community located 35 miles east of Denver on I-70 exit 310. The map below shows the location of the Comanche Crossing Museum - click on the museum marker to get directions to the museum.

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For further information or special tours contact:
Curator, Comanche Crossing Museum
P.O. Box 647
Strasburg, Colorado 80136303-622-4322
Email: info@cchscolorado

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